1. Ole Lion

From the recording Lightning Strikes!

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Ole Lion

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Ole Lion
Words and Music by Arte Tedesco

They call me Ole Lion, but I’m still a king
When I get hungry… I still do my “thing”
The whole jungle trembles when I’m on the prowl
You better look out, Baby!
I can see you now…
You look like a tasty little bunny!
Don’t try to run from me, honey!
Don’t you know that chasin’ you down
Is what the lion loves to do

It’s the same old game now… I think I’m chasing you
Then you smile, and I guess all the while…
You’ve had a different point of view
So, come on, little bunny, you know that I’m your king!
So, don’t be shy, you’ve caught my eye, my little Velveteen
Oh, there she goes… that crazy little bunny!
Laughing her tail off… yeah, she thinks I’m funny
I come to find that messin’ with my mind is what the bunny loves to do!

… You’re funny, Bunny!