I’m back… as if anyone knew I was gone!

I’ve been doing some research about blogging, and one of the primary rules (according to the experts) to having a successful blog is to be consistent... in other words, “Blog on a regular schedule—no lapses”.  Well, it looks like I screwed that one up!  It’s been a while, and for that I apologize!  I will try not to let that happen again.


Why the lapse?  Well I’ve been tied up working on a documentary (There may be some out there who don’t know that I am a producer and I own a video production company).  Anyone who produces documentaries or movies can tell you that the projects have a way of consuming you, especially when you are working on a topic you feel passionately about.  That is the case here, but this isn’t the space for me to go off on that tangent!


In addition to the documentary, I have started something new (for me)… Illustration and Graphic Design.  You can see a little of my work in the “Gallery” section of this site.  And, anyone who is interested in my complete portfolio should just email me and I’ll “Reply” with a copy attached.  Well, anyway that’s another thing that waylaid me… 50 drawings for the National Marine Manufacturers Association website (the drawings were all related to fishing). 

These are the things that have been paying the bills.  You may remember Larry, Daryl and his other brother Daryl on Bob Newhart’s comedy set in a New England inn.  Well, the brothers had a company called “Anything for a Buck, Incorporated”—they had diverse talents (or so they claimed) and they were always willing to apply them for a fee.  (Beginning to remind you of anybody?)


There were other things that kept me preoccupied, family members with health issues for an example.  But, I don’t think you want or need to hear about that. 


Let’s just say that I learned a lesson:  it’s easy to let a lot of time slip by, giving yourself good reasons why you’re too busy to meet obligations—most of us are busy most of the time.  So, I will be setting aside an hour each day that I can to write, while not letting more than two days in a row pass without writing something.  Yeah… we’ll try that.


“Nuff said!

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